Treating Resistant Weight Loss With Naturopathic Medicine

The treatment of resistant weight-loss, especially as we age, is a common reason that many people seek out naturopathic medical care. Resistant weight-loss may be defined as, an inability to lose weight – even when all reasonable efforts have been made to do so. Some of the most common causes of resistant weight loss include genetics, poor eating habits, inactivity, stress, thyroid dysfunction, and the slowing down of metabolism—due to aging and a natural decline in sex hormones. These natural hormonal changes may be coupled with an overall loss of muscle mass as well. Our Hormones Change…

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Menopause Belly: How To Heal Your Digestion And Conquer Resistant Weight-Loss

Menopause Belly Is A Common Complaint Digestive upset and resistant weight-loss are common complaints I see in my office.  In fact, they are the most common complaints my patients make about their health challenges. The symptom picture I often see in women over forty includes, an increase in belly fat (that does not change even with a rigerous exercise and dieting program), coupled with gas, bloating, acid reflux, and upset stomach. Chronic digestive complaints in menopause are partly due to changes in hormones, but may also be caused by declining pancreatic function. The pancreas is an organ…

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Menopause Blues: Are Changing Hormones Causing Your Depression?

The Menopause Blues Growing older is never an easy process.  And while research shows that older women tend to be happier than younger ones, the changes that happen with age are not without pitfalls.  This is especially true in women that are undergoing severe health challenges during menopause—due to fluctuations in hormones. Before pulling the emergency switch, it might be advisable to first see your doctor, or a well-trained naturopathic doctor, to have your hormone levels tested. I personally do a 24 hours cortisol and hormone panel on patients before prescribing hormone therapy, and prefer saliva hormone…

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Hot Flashes: What To Eat, And How To Supplement

Healing Hot Flashes With Diet People often ask me if there is a special diet for healing hot flashes.  And I assure them that there is.  To begin with the basics, I encourage people to eat a diet that is rich in plant foods— with only about 20% or less of one's daily caloric intake coming from animal products. I do have some patients that do very well on a diet that is 100% plant-based.  To find out more about my general guidelines for optimal health and weight-loss, you can check out that article here.  But whether…

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Brain Fog in Menopause: The Causes And The Treatment

Brain Fog is a Common Symptom of Menopause Brain fog is a common problem in menopause, that affects virtually millions of women over the age of 40. People suffering from brain fog, often complain that they feel disoriented, or have trouble putting their thoughts together. If you are suffering from brain fog, then you may be experiencing a host of symptoms that include, mental confusion, trouble remembering names or events, or just a general feeling of being "spaced out."  Or, you may simply feel disoriented, along with a slow reaction time. There are a number of reasons…

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Healing Hot Flashes Using Natural Medicine

Who is Likely to Experience Hot Flashes? Hot flashes remain one of the most common menopausal symptoms, and remain one of the main reasons women come to see me in my office.  The good news is, there are many natural remedies that can help.  And most naturopathic doctors have been well trained in treating these types of health concerns. I have discussed this subject in some detail in the past on my YouTube channel.  You can find the video here. But before we begin to discuss treatments for hot flashes, it is important to understand what they are. A…

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