Brain Fog in Menopause: The Causes And The Treatment

Brain fogBrain Fog is a Common Symptom of Menopause

Brain fog is a common problem in menopause, that affects virtually millions of women over the age of 40. People suffering from brain fog, often complain that they feel disoriented, or have trouble putting their thoughts together.

If you are suffering from brain fog, then you may be experiencing a host of symptoms that include, mental confusion, trouble remembering names or events, or just a general feeling of being “spaced out.”  Or, you may simply feel disoriented, along with a slow reaction time.

There are a number of reasons why a person may be suffering from brain flog that include, changes or fluctuations in hormones, along with sleep deprivation, which is a common problem in menopause.  Stress and worry, that leads to exhaustion, are also common medical complaints in people with brain fog.

Brain Fog Can be a Symptom of an Underlining Medical Condition

When a patient comes to my office complaining of brain fog, I do a thorough medical assessment to try and determine the cause. Is the patient sleeping? Has the patient been previously diagnosed with another condition; that may be causing the symptoms they are currently experiencing?

Common medical conditions that can cause brain fog include, anemia, hypoglycemia, diabetes, depression, anxiety, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, autoimmune conditions, like Lupus, early signs of cancer, and dementia. Consequently, brain fog is not a diagnosis of a disease.  But rather, a symptom of an underlining condition that must be addressed. This means that clinicians usually start with a thorough health intake, along with physical exam on first office visit. We also run a series of common labs that include blood, lipid, chemistry and hormone panels; along with panels used to detect common autoimmune conditions like lupus.

Stress and Exhaustion are Some of The Most Common Causes of Brain Fog

In women over the age of 40, the most common cause of brain fog is usually a combination of stress, exhaustion, combined with poor sleep habits.  Poor quality sleep is not uncommon in women undergoing the hormonal changes associated with aging. Consequently, the protocol I usually begin treatment with addresses these heath challenges.

One of the first things I talk to women about, during their first office visit, is the importance of a good a good night’s sleep. I have written about sleep, and its importance to health, in previous articles. And I have also addressed sleep in previous YouTube videos. You can watch that here.

Another issue I address in women over 40, with brain fog is supporting optimal nutrition.   Good nutrition can sometimes be a challenge with women who work full-time, and have a limited amount of time for food preparation.

Supplements That Can Help Brain Fog

Meta FemSuggesting an excellent multivitamin, like Meta-Fem by Thorne Research, can help supplement many of the nutritional deficiencies that are common in women over 40.  This is especially true if she does not have adequate nutrition in her diet. The reason I like Meta-Fem by Thorne Research, is because this product is hypoallergenic and gentle on the stomach. Furthermore, the vitamins are in their coenzyme form; making them easier to absorb and process.

Simply taking a multivitamin, like Meta-Fem, can have a dramatic impact on mood and energy. I usually start my treatment with this supplement.  Dosages usually begin with 3-4 capsules once or twice a day depending on need.

In addition to a great multivitamin, I have been very impressed with some of the Chinese medical formulas as well.  There are several good formulas that I fine effective in improving brain health and memory.

Great AdaptorFoundation FormulaOne of my favorite Chinese formulas companies is Jing Herbs. I like this company because it maintains excellent quality standards. I find that I get great feedback from my patients when I prescribe their products.

My two favorite formulas for brain fog are, Jing Herbs Foundation Formula and their Great Adaptor Formula  I find these two products are very helpful to people who suffer from poor memory accompanied by mental fatigue. These two products seem to have a dramatic effect on energy, focus and mood — when taken separately, or in combination.  I usually advice people start with 2 to 3 capsules once or twice a day, morning and afternoons, to improve mental clarity, mood and energy.

The herbs used in these two formulas also seem to offer some protection to the immune system — in addition to their cognition benefits.

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