Optimal Health to 40. 50, 60 and Beyond!

A Little Bit About Me and My Work as a Naturopathic Doctor Greetings, My Name is Dr. Whimsy Anderson, ND, and I am a licensed naturopathic doctor, based in Los Angeles.  My offices are located in the heart of the city — just a stone's throw away from Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.   In my practice, I enjoy helping people who are interested in improving their health and want to find the right diet and lifestyle for their unique needs.  To see the full YouTube video on this topic, you can click here! Healthy to 40,…

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5 Simple Tips to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Losing Weight Might Not Be Easy But it is No Mystery One of the main reasons people come to see me in my offices is a desire to lose weight.  The challenges of losing weight as we age can become quite stressful.  And many people fall into the trap of looking for a quick fix, or a simple fad diet, in order to shed the weight.  The truth is, no such fad diet exist.  And weight-loss should be attained slowly and responsibly, using sound advice and good nutrition. If you would like to find out more about…

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The 3 Worst Digestive Symptoms of Menopause

Digestive Problems are Common As We Age As a naturopathic doctor working in Los Angeles, I have noticed many of my patients suffer from stomach pain during menopause. The truth is, as we age, our digestion may become challenged. Typical digestive problems patients complain about are, gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation and or diarrhea. While many of these symptoms are common in women over 40, they are just as likely to occur in men. This is because as we age, our digestive system is also aging. I have covered the issue of healthy digestion in multiple YouTube…

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