A Weekend Review Of Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration

Bio Identical Hormone Therapy Conference
With Felllow Doctors and Pharmacist at the Hormone Restoration Therapy Conference in Las Vegas

The Bio Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy Conference

Getting away from Los Angeles, and my busy schedule as a naturopathic doctor, can sometimes be a challenge.  And last weekend, April 25-26, was no exception. Still, it was an amazing two days that I spent in Las Vegas, Nevada at the SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, learning amazing medicine and spending time with great friends and colleagues.

This is the second time I have attended the Medisca Network Conference on Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration and Balancing, and I am very glad I did. In the past I have treated hormone imbalances exclusively with diet, botanical medicine and supplementation. And for many of my clients, that is more than adequate. Still, for some, bio-identical hormone replacement seems to be a safe option.I found the topic fascinating and incredibly vital to practicing responsible medicine.

Why We Prescribe Hormone Restoration Therapy

One of the main reasons I attended the event is because so many of my patients want to know more about bio-identical hormones. And of course, I want to know how to prescribe them in a safe and responsible way.  This is because, as we age, our hormone production naturally declines.  And these natural declines can lead to a host of health challenges.  Some of the most common symptoms I see in women over 40 include, hot flashes, weight-gain, sleep disturbances, hair loss,, and a host of other problems.

The topic of hormone restoration therapy is certainly one that I looked forward to learning more about.  I want to help my patients not just be healthy beyond 40, but thrive well into old age.  And balancing and restoring hormones .is certainly something that can help us stay young and vibrant .   There are so many things that we can do to stay healthy and vibrant even in our advanced years. And hormone restoration therapy, can certainly help support the process of healthy aging.

I am especially appreciative of Helen Kizer of Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy in West Hollywood, for the invitation. I learned a lot, and I hope that I can now share that knowledge with my patients. Thank you everyone for an amazing weekend!

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I look forward to helping you on your journey to health.

Dr. Whimsy Anderson, ND


Dr. Whimsy

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