The Difference Between Treating a Disease Versus Curing it

The Difference Between Treating Versus Curing a Disease Recently, while on my way to the office, I had a very interesting conversation with an UBER driver. He wanted to know what I felt was the main difference between prescribing drugs to treat disease and the use of naturopathic medicine. And I found myself in an interesting conversation that involved clarifying the difference between truly being cured ,verses simply being palliated.  To palliate denotes a state whereby your disease symptoms may be temporarily abated due to  medical intervention.  But, once the treatment wears off, the disease returns. As…

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Having Fun is Serious Business

Having Fun is Good for Your Health When it comes to health, having fun can be serious business. That's because having fun is associated with longevity, improved cognition, better brain function,improved heart health, and general well-being. To be happy, to play, to have fun, to engage in activities that bring you true joy will decrease blood pressure, improve sleep, aid memory, improve digestion, as well as your over-all outlook on life and lengthen your life span. Working with Nathan for You Recently, I participated in a rather entertaining experiment regarding the science of fun with the MTV…

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Want to Stay Clean and Sober? Learn Something

Learning Something New Every Day is Associated with Greater Success in Maintaining Sobriety Have you ever dreamed of playing a musical instrument well? Or perhaps you always wanted to be fluent in an exotic language. Decades of research into brain placidity, has shown that; people who make a conscious effort to learn something new everyday, can change their brains and their over-all outlook on life.  Furthermore, the act of learning may also help people who struggle with alcoholism and addiction stay sober. The act of dedicating ones life to mastering a skill—that is intellectually challenging—can reverse much…

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When Healing the Disenchanted: Helping My Patients Experience Enchantment in Their Lives

Enchant:  to  subject to magical influence ; bewitch: to  delight to a high degree The Loss of Enchantment Nothing is more tragic than the loss of our ability to be enchanted. I see it in my friends, my patients, and even myself. That loss happens when we are no longer entranced by our lives and our dreams. This loss can happen slowly, such as when a person is forced to engage in a job or lifestyle that seems inauthentic, soulless, or disingenuous. Or tragedy may strike in an instant, changing the very foundation of a persons’…

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