Alpha-Stim in the Treatment of Depression, and Addiction

Alpha-Stim-pain-3-1An Introduction to Alpha-Stim Therapy

Recently while attending the Integrative Addiction Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I was introduced to the medical device alpha-stim as an effective tool in the treatment of anxiety, depression and addiction.

Alpha-stim has been an intriguing and exciting addition to my existing practice; because I treat many patients who suffer from many of these conditions.

Alpha-stim is a small electronic device that offers small electrical pulses to the brain. This type of therapy is known as Cranio-Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) and it has been used, and studied, for the treatment of a number of medical conditions.
Research has shown that alpha-stim can be used effectively to treat anxiety, depression, addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and insomnia, just to name a few. Furthermore, it can be used in conjunction with existing treatments (such as drug therapy) without concern of dangerous side-effects. This makes it the ideal adjunct therapy when treating individuals that may not be able to discontinue medications but desire additional alternative treatments as well.

In my own private practice, I offer a series of modalities to treat chronic depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction, that includes nutritional support, vitamins and supplement therapy, as well as herbalism. I also offer patients a considerable amount of body work and aroma therapy. And not surprisingly, I find that my patients enjoy the body work best of all. I have found that alpha-stim works very well when it is incorporated into a body work session.

Alpha stimUsing Alpha-Stim to Treat Depression and Addiction

One of the reasons that CES is an effective tool in the treatment of anxiety and depression is because it has been shown to reduce beta and delta wave activity in the brain, which are associated with agitated emotional states, while increasing alpha and theta states, associated with feelings of calm, peace and tranquility. In the case of mild to moderate depression and anxiety, CES may be the only treatment needed. In more severe cases of anxiety and depression requiring medication, it may be used to help further decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression without the need to increase an existing medication.

Alpha-Stim and the Reduction of Cravings

In the case of an individual struggling with addiction, CES can be used to diminish cravings; this is one of the reasons why doctors at the Integrative Addiction Conference were so intrigued by the device. For example, it has been used effectively in helping people over-come their addiction to smoking. This is accomplished by monitoring patients cravings during treatment. The patient is placed on alph-stim and asked to rate his or her desire to smoke. Usually after 20 minutes of being connected to the device; the patient is again asked to rate his desire for a cigarette. Often the patient is so relaxed they are baffled as to why the question is even being asked in the first place. Furthermore, the difficult withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting tobacco can be dramatically reduced with alpha-stim.

When I first tried using alpha-stim on a patient that was struggling with addiction and anxiety I made the mistake of attempting to conduct a medical interview at the same time. I have since learned that patients become so relaxed during treatment, it is best to complete any questions I might have before the patient is treated. Patients also report that they sleep far better after being treated and that sleep improves for several days following a session; making it a great treatment for chronic insomnia.

Combinging Alpha-Stim with Healing Touch Therapy

I have found that the benefits of using the device are cumulative and long-lasting. For the best results, I ask patients to commit to 10 sessions, once or twice a week to start. These sessions are done along with shiatsu (acupressure), reflexology, Healing Touch Therapy and aroma therapy in order to maximize results. During the treatment patients are placed on alpha-stim and then given soothing music to listen to while they are placed through a series of combined body therapy treatment session that incorporates specific acupressure and reflexology points combined with healing touch therapy. I also use essential oils to further create an environment that is soothing and peaceful.

Initial intakes can take up to 2 hours; so I let patients know they should give themselves ample time for their treatments. The cost for an initial visit is $250.00 with follow up sessions running about an hour at a price of $125.00.

Because this type of treatment is safe—and garners results almost immediately—I have made a concerted effort to incorporate alpha-stim into all my body work sessions.

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Dr. Whimsy Anderson, ND

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