Chronic Pain, Leaky Gut and Depression: how are these conditions related?

The Relationship Between Chronic Pain, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Depression Depression, coupled with chronic pain and leaky gut syndrome, is a common problem that I frequently see in my patients. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 10 Americans is currently taking medication to treat depression. But before rushing to find a suitable naturopathic alternative, I prefer to stand back, listen, and try to determine why my patient is suffering from depression in the first place. Sometimes the causes of depression are circumstantial—such as grief over the death of a loved one. Or, the…

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Suffering From Menopause Belly? Give Up This One Food

Are you suffering from menopause belly? Many people are. The good news is, there are a few very simple things that you can do to heal your digestive health and maintain a healthy weight. So What Exactly is Menopause Belly? They say that “death begins in the gut," and that is certainly what I see in my offices. The symptom picture I am specifically addressing here presents as, gas, bloating, upset stomach, constipation, and or diarrhea, acid reflux and resistant weight loss—especially around the waist. We may also see a tender abdomen during physical exam. The Kind…

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The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health: Reduce Stress

The Leading Health Challenge That You Face I am often asked what the secret is to good health?  And while there are certainly many things that we can do to be healthier, one thing stands out above the rest. And that one thing is...stress reduction. I can say with complete confidence as a healthcare provider that stress is not only deleterious to our health; it is a major contributing factor in the disease process. I have been called “The Medical Minimalist.” A title that I am quite proud of. And while it is true that I try…

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Healing Our Brain’s By Increasing Oxygen

Oxygen Is Vital For Brain Health Did you know that something as simple as deep breathing could improve the health of your brain? This is because getting adequate amounts of oxygen to your brain is necessary for your brain to function optimally. When we are not getting adequate oxygen; one of the first signs and symptoms is poor brain function. Signs and symptoms of low oxygen to the brain may include, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, frequent brain fog, depression and mood changes, fatigue, and poor concentration. What Can Impair Oxygen Flow To The Brain? There are a…

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Improving Mood and Depression with Mineral Supplementation

Depression And Mineral Loss Many of the people who come to see me in my offices in Los Angeles, suffer from depression. Depression can be a painful and crippling condition; that can affect every aspect of a person’s life. Depression can affect those around us, and even our capacity to do our jobs effectively. Consequently, one of the main challenges I face, as a naturopathic doctor, is to find the root causes of the condition, and treat the challenges as simply and effectively as possibly. One of the most effective ways to treat depression, I have found,…

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Optimal Health to 40. 50, 60 and Beyond!

A Little Bit About Me and My Work as a Naturopathic Doctor Greetings, My Name is Dr. Whimsy Anderson, ND, and I am a licensed naturopathic doctor, based in Los Angeles.  My offices are located in the heart of the city — just a stone's throw away from Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.   In my practice, I enjoy helping people who are interested in improving their health and want to find the right diet and lifestyle for their unique needs.  To see the full YouTube video on this topic, you can click here! Healthy to 40,…

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