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Do You Have Adrenal Fatigue Related Weight-Gain?

Are Your Adrenal Glands Making You Fat? Fatigue and resistant-weight loss are two of the most common reasons people seek medical treatment from a naturopathic doctor. In fact, exhaustion, coupled with unexplained weight gain, is so common; I consider it the most common condition I treat. But is exhaustion and weight gain the same thing as adrenal fatigue? And just because you are feeling exhausted, and cannot lose weight, does that mean you have an adrenal disorder? The Causes of Exhaustion There is a multitude of reasons why people become exhausted, and a thorough intake is necessary…

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Weston A. Price and the American Eugenics Movement

An Introduction The blending of the races has been blamed for much of the distortion and defects in body form in our modern generation. It will be seen that these face changes occur in all the pure-blood races studied in even the first generation, after the nutrition of the parents has been changed. [1] -Weston A. Price Nutritional and Physical Degeneration (1939) This paper examines the work of Weston A. Price through the prism of Medical Anthropology. Medical Anthropology examines attitudes and beliefs about health that contribute to a given society or group of individuals' practice of…

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