A Power Breakfast To Keep You Younger!

Simple Solutions To Healthy Aging And Younger Healthier Cell Health

Lately, I have been on a search to create the most nutrient dense breakfast imaginable.  A simple morning ritual that can help support healthy nutrition, and keep our cells healthy and younger well into our senior years. I think I may have succeeded.

Like most people, I am not perfect when it comes to my diet, and I do like to cheat from time to time with an occasional naughty snack or treat.

On those days when my diet is less than stellar, I am comforted by knowing that, when it comes to my breakfast at least, I am consuming the most nutrient dense breakfast imaginable.  Quite simply put, I do not think that anyone could challenge me by developing a better breakfast routine.

When it comes to creating a breakfast plan that is nutrient dense, I tried to create program that was easy to follow, and would be forgiving for those of us who are not saints when it comes to the type of food we like to eat.

Justifying the Cost

While the cost of this smoothie might sound a little pricey, understand that the total cost per breakfast smoothie will not run you more than a breakfast purchased at a fast-food restaurant.  Understand that when you start a program like this, you are going to be purchasing enough supplies to last you well over a month, so when averaged, the actual cost per breakfast smoothie really is not all that bad.

The way our body ages, and the speed to which we age, is a complicated process. Indeed, there are scientist that have dedicated their entire careers to researching how the aging process takes place, and how to increase life expectancy.

Starting With The Best Meal Replacement On The Market

I have looked at various meal replacement programs over the years, and some of them are quite good.  I am especially impressed by the meal replacement products that are being produced by the professional lines; that many naturopathic doctors prescribe in their practice.  Personally speaking however, my first choice is Medi-Clear SGS by Thorne Research.  I usually prescribe between 1 and 2 scoops of this meal replacement for a host of health challenges that include, chronic fatigue, IBS, leaky gut, hormone imbalances, healthy aging, and chronic disease prevention.  Medi-Clear SGS is my go to meal-replacement when creating a breakfast plan for my patients.

Load Up On Antioxidants And Superfoods For A Younger You!

A diet that is high in antioxidants and superfoods not only helps you feel better, but it will slow down how quickly you age.  And improve the way you feel. Best of all, it offers you some wiggle-room should you decide to sneak in a treat later in the day.

So if you are someone who wants to take care of your health, but you still like to indulge from time to time in the occasional piece of chocolate or ice cream, then this breakfast plan may be right for you.

Why Our Cells Age

The aging of our cells is due to a number of factors; that are far more complicated than simply the passage of time. Environmental factors, like exposure to toxic substances, radiation, and infections, can also place are cell-health at risk. The number of times our cells can divide, before the cells capacity for healthy cell division is lost, can greatly be determined by diet and lifestyle. Simply assuming that our genetics predetermines the process and rate by which we age —is simply not true. We now know that what we put into our bodies, also plays a critical role in cell-health and longevity.

What Is A Superfood?

The superfoods are foods that contain the highest amount of nutrition per calorie; they are exclusively plants. While I do not suggest that the only option for a healthy diet is exclusively plant-based, I do promote a diet where the majority of calories come from minimally processed plant-foods.

The important thing to know about superfoods, is that they are fuel efficient—in the sense that; consuming superfoods means that the calories you are consuming come from foods known to have the highest nutrition/calorie ratio.

My favorite greens powder is Tonic Alchemy by Dragon herbs.  I especially like this formula because it is packed with nutrient rich superfoods, and also contains many supportive tonic herbs as well.  I usually advice people take 1 scoop in their morning smoothie daily for optimal nutrition.

How Chinese Herbal Formulas Can Improve Our Health

While consuming superfoods can dramatically improve our health, I also see great benefits in including Chinese tonic herb formulas to a well rounded nutrition program as well.

The Chinese Tonic herbs have been used for centuries to promote health and longevity, and can be a wonderful addition to any nutrition program you are currently on.

What Are The 3 Treasures?

The 3 treasures in Chinese medicine are known as Qi, Jing and Shen. And are thought to refer to the attributes of the body; that help to sustain our health. Chinese medical theory encourages people to cultivate the three treasures in order to experience long and healthy lives.

What Is Qi?

Qi, is the guiding energy that is found in everything, and moves through our bodies and all living things—even rocks contain some Qi. Qi is the energy that carries nutrition to our cells.

Qi has been further divided into Yin and Yang, which are polar opposites and yet support one another.  Yin is dark, damp, moist and cool, while yang is hot, dry, arid and light.  the interplay of these two forces come together to form Qi.  Qi moves through the body in specific channels knowns as “meridians.”  In Chinese medicine, Qi formulas encourage and support the healthy flow of energy throughout the body.

When our Qi moves freely, and is not “stuck,” we experience good health. Qi formulas help support healthy energy flow, and can be taken daily. I like Activate The Qi Formula by Jing herbs, and advice people take 1 teaspoon of the powder once a day in their morning smoothies.

By supporting healthy energy flow, I often see patients experience improved mood, improved energy, and less chronic pain.

What is Jing?

Jing, also referred to as the “essence,” literally refers to the primal life force, or potential, a person is born with. Jing closely resembles our genetic constitution, and it is believed that Jing can become depleted by such things as stress, worry and poor daily habits, like drug and alcohol abuse.

In traditional Chinese medical theory, Jing resides in a space in the lower abdomen, and it was believed to be finite. Once the Jing is used up, a person’s life will cease.

Jing tonic herbs were considered a vital part of daily self-care, and are believed to strengthen and preserve the Jing. Jing governs sexual function, the bones, hearing, sexual vitality, as well as kidney and adrenal function. Jing tonic herbs prolong and maintain the Jing. I encourage my patients to add 1 teaspoon of Restore the Jing by Jing herbs, in their daily smoothie everyday.

What is Shen?

Shen, is often translated as the “spirit,” and is thought to govern the emotions and the heart. People with an imbalance in the Shen, may be suffering from a broken heart, profound sadness and grief, or simply feel shut down or walled off from their emotions.

A person whose Shen is balanced, is able to be objective, and develops feelings of compassion and empathy for others. People with a strong and healthy Shen tend to be highly spiritual beings; that are able to transcend petty behavior and see things from a higher perspective. To keep the heart and mind healthy, I prescribe 1 teaspoon of Awaken the Shen by Jing Herbs daily in a morning smoothie.

Because tonic herbs are safe to take daily, a longevity smoothie rich in superfoods and the tonic herb formulas, supporting the 3 treasures, can be taken daily.

Omega-3’s For Health and Mood

I usually suggest patients add a good quality omega-3 to their smoothie.  Omega-3’s help thin the blood, reduce inflammation, and improve brain health.

People who consume higher amounts of omega-3’s daily have decreased risk for heart disease, inflammation, and cognition disorders.  My favorite omega-3 supplement is liquid Ultimate Omega by Nordic Naturals.  This product is molecularly distilled to reduce heavy metals, and is high in EPA and DHA; to support both brain and hearth health.

I advice taking 1 teaspoon a day in your morning smoothie for best results.

This smoothie recipe can stabilize your blood sugar, load you up with solid nutrition, which is especially helpful if you are not always strict on your diet. This formula also incorporates the Chinese tonic herbs thought to support a long and healthy life—well into your senior yours.

Dr. Whimsy’s Longevity Power Smoothie

1 Scoop of Medi-Clear SGS by Thorne Research

1 Scoop of Tonic Alchemy by Dragon herbs

1 banana

½ cup of frozen mixed berries

1 Tsp Shen Formula Jing herbs

1 Tsp Jing Formula Jing herbs

1 Tsp Activate The Qi formula by Jing herbs

1 Tsp Ultra Omega-3 by Nordic Naturals

2 cups of rice, almond, flax or coconut milk

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I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Whimsy Anderson, ND


Dr. Whimsy

I am a Naturopathic doctor, Medical Intuitive, Energy medicine/Healing touch practitioner and Tarot reader. I practice the old wise woman ways and have always been drawn to traditional medicine. I practice in the greater Los Angeles area. Tel: (323) 762-3982 Office@DoctorWhimsy.com

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