Los Angeles Syndrome: How To Treat Chronic Stress and Exhaustion

StressThe Stress of Living in Los Angeles Could Be Costing You Your Health

The People of Los Angeles are stressed, very stressed. In fact, stress is one of the first things I notices about living and working as a naturopathic doctor in Los Angeles.

Perhaps, it is how the city is laid out;  a sprawling metropolis that both frightened and fascinated me when I first moved here. The constant onslaught of amazing, talented, harried and over-worked people, has inspired me to call the this health phenomenon “L.A Syndrome.”

Amongst some of the symptoms I see are, a general sense of stress and anxiety, coupled with insomnia, exhaustion and over-work.

There are often physical symptoms as well, like adrenal exhaustion, digestive disorders, IBS like symptoms, persistent difficulties losing weight, migraine headaches — and an overriding sense of fear and dread.

When dealing with such a complex symptom picture, I often have to tackle the most pressing problems first. This means, looking closely at what caused these health challenges in the first place.

How Can Naturopathic Medicine Help?

One of the first beliefs in naturopathic medicine is the importance of removing the obstacles to cure. In plainer words, the causes of the disease must be recognized, addressed and dealt with. In the case of L.A syndrome, it has not escaped my attention that the way Angelinos live — is often contradictory to good health.

The truth is, many Angelinos simply do not know how to rest. They have lost a sense of what it is to truly be at peace with who they are. There is an overriding loss of perspective about their place and purpose in the world.  And a general dissatisfaction that no amount of success seems to relieve.

Building a Health Protocol to Treat People with Stress Conditions

Because I do not assume that my patient’s are going to move, I have to create a program that works with a patient’s lifestyle.  We look at every aspect of their daily habits.  A patient may have a poor diet.  Or, a patient may not get enough hours of sleep a night.  Perhaps the patient has been too busy to even see a general health practitioner.  I always want to meet the patient where they are at.  And I try to build treatment programs that are easy to follow.  A treatment program should be in alignment with a person’s basic life habits; in order to be most effective.

Prescribing a good Stress B Complex by Thorne Research can sometimes help.  And I often will pair this with a good herbal supplement for Adrenal Support.  I especially like Super Adaptogen by Dragon Herbs because this product helps energize people who may be completely exhausted; without causing anxiety.

The General competitive Nature of The City is Part of The Cause

This is a competitive city.  Wherein, some of the most talented and brilliant people in the world, are often competing for only a handful of jobs. And while naturopathic medicine cannot cure the over all tenure of the city, I would like to believe that it can do much to improve health.

And for a naturopathic doctor like myself, helping people feel better is one of the most rewarding aspects of my practice.

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I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Whimsy Anderson, ND

Dr. Whimsy

I am a Naturopathic doctor, Medical Intuitive, Energy medicine/Healing touch practitioner and Tarot reader. I practice the old wise woman ways and have always been drawn to traditional medicine. I practice in the greater Los Angeles area. Tel: (323) 762-3982 Office@DoctorWhimsy.com

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