Ten Simple Rules For Digestive Health From a Naturopathic Doctor

Digestive Health Challenges Are a Common Problem

Many of my patients have issues concerning digestive health. These problems range from mild digestive upsets and transient stomach viruses to more serious conditions like Crohn’s disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. These problems have often existed for several years before they are adequately diagnosed and treated.

There are many natural remedies that can be offered to people who have digestive problems. Sometimes a few dietary changes and mild supplements can be enough to heal a person’s problem. Even in more severe cases, natural medicine supplements can often help to ease and relieve problems that even conventional medicine may not be able to address.

Two types of products that usually improve digestive health are good digestive enzymes and a good multi-strain probiotic. Very rarely do I see people not improve when they add these two products to their daily habits.

Some of The Common Products I Prescribe

My favorite digestive enzyme, that seems to work for just about everybody, is Digest Gold by Enzymatica.  I usually ask my patients to take 1-2 digestive enzymes before a large meal.  Digestive enzymes can be very helpful in people who may have difficulty digesting their food.  The reason I like Digest Gold is that the product is certified both vegetarian and kosher.  And is quite high in digestive enzymes.

Another product I often rely on is HLC High Potency Probiotics by Pharmax.  This product is probably one of the best probiotics on the market.  And was tested independently for potency: making it one of the most popular brands used by naturopathic doctors.  Pharmax is a professional line of supplements and has been triple-tested for quality assurance.

Whether you have a chronic digestive problem or just the occasional mild upset, there are a few simple rules you can follow that will help maximize your chances of good digestion:

10 Simple Rules To Help Your Digestion

  • Take a moment before you begin eating to pray, meditate, or simply pause. Whether or not you are religiously observant, taking a moment before you begin eating helps create a peaceful space as you begin to enjoy your meal.
  • Take your time and enjoy your food. In today’s busy world, this can often be difficult to do. But when you eat, be mindful of the speed at which you are consuming your food. Take the time to slow down and really enjoy what you are eating. Many stomach problems are caused simply because people eat too quickly. This can shock the system and prevent the body from preparing to begin the process of digestion.
  • In addition to eating more slowly, chew thoroughly, and think about the food you are eating and how you chew it. Simply chewing food into smaller pieces can help break it down so that the body can digest it more easily.
  • Don’t eat when you are angry or upset and do not eat at a table where people are engaged in strife. If you are feeling tension or you are upset, take a few moments to breathe slowly and deeply. This will let your body know that you are entering a relaxed state and will aid in digestion. Tension and stress can create all manner of health problems, including digestive upset.

Simply Eating Less Food Is Often Incredibly Helpful

  • Do not wait until you are “starving” before you eat. Being extremely hungry only encourages you to eat more quickly and to eat too much.
  • Never eat until you are “stuffed”; eat until you are satisfied, but no more.
  • Do not fill your plate with food. If you do, you will feel obligated to eat everything on your plate. Instead, take a little of everything, and if you need to take more, you can. But try to be mindful of not overeating.
  • Learn to prepare your own food. The act of preparing food, of smelling and tasting the food as it is being prepared, readies the stomach for digestion. When we eat on the run, or when we go to restaurants or fast food places, we frequently miss this early stage of preparation and our digestion suffers.
  • Eat food that is unprocessed. Choose whole grains, fruits, and vegetables that are fresh and in season. If you can afford to do so, eat vegetables that are organically grown. This is better for the earth, and better for your own overall health as well. While eating, be grateful for what you have, for your friends your teachers, your family, and loved ones.
  • Be grateful and respectful to the person who has prepared the meal. Taking the time to be grateful is just one more way to ensure that you have a pleasant meal and an easy digestive process.

Dr. Whimsy

I am a Naturopathic doctor, Medical Intuitive, Energy medicine/Healing touch practitioner and Tarot reader. I practice the old wise woman ways and have always been drawn to traditional medicine. I practice in the greater Los Angeles area. Tel: (323) 762-3982 Office@DoctorWhimsy.com

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